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We want others to experience the wellness change we have had, and beyond, we co-founded Kairos Ygeia Pte Ltd, with multiple business pillars supporting our mission to make healthy living convenient for people.

Our overall "Health Made Simple” umbrella includes

Products: Negative Ion (Antioxidants) – Clothes, Air Ionizers, Medical Grade Device from Japan

We believe strongly in this technology as oxidative and free radical stress is the root cause of many wellness concerns. And negative ions are basically a simple way to anti-oxidize!

Services: Panel of Health Coaches, TCM doctors, Naturopaths, Medical doctors

We all need cheerleaders and constant support when we are making habit changes, so we have a panel of curated wellness experts to help you with your journey

Knowledge: Eatprayflying Holistic Health Resource Online, Training Academy

Knowledge is the first step to change, so we constantly curate the latest research and trends in wellness to share

Wellness Tourism

Selected trusted wellness centres for short term detox to key start wellness changes

We have wellness business partners across 18 countries, making an positive impact to people’s wellness.


About Us

2014 was husband and wife, Nicholas and Beatrice’s first encounter with negative ion clothes. Because of Beatrice's mum's Stage 4 cancer condition, a western G.P. recommended a Made-in-Japan negative ion technology to Nicholas. And throughout Beatrice’s mum’s battle with cancer, these negative ion clothes were instrumental in helping her wellness.


Simple live changing steps

The couple also experienced improvements in their own wellness after using the negative ion clothes and adopting other healthier habits like green juicing. Nicholas's eczema improved and he even grew new hair that closed up his balding patch. Beatrice fell sick significantly less and feels way more energetic.

You can read more about Beatrice's mum's journey. Well documented on


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